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Suzie Owen, one half of the Dynamic duo behind Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, tells us about a typical day in her life and how that involves wearing a piece of Gem Freeman Jewellery.

I used to be the queen of the snooze button but I now bounce out of bed each morning, usually before the alarm sings at 6:30am. There is always so much to do each day, I don’t have time to waste lying in bed!
After a quick shower, wet hair goes up in a knot and I throw on a floaty silk number that my dressmaker has made for me. Most of my clothes are made by her, she gets my style and I love buying the fabrics online from London. My mussel shell necklace goes on next which I never tire of wearing. I absolutely love it and not a day goes by that someone doesn’t comment on it. It’s an original piece, it reflects me, it’s different and I love the story behind it.

I never have time to have breakfast at home so I wait until I get to the office. We have a fabulous open plan kitchen at the office with a pizza oven and all the food we could wish for (thanks to our weekly visit from Ocado!) so I have breakfast at the office. Usually a bowl of coconut yoghurt, blueberries and nutty granola – without raisins, I’m not a raisin fan – in fact the only way I enjoy a grape is when it’s turned into wine!

Work is not work, it is an endless to-do list of fun action points which I plough through each day. We are blessed to have such incredible crew on our Jimmy’s ship – it’s a fantastic vibe in the office. So much so we are visited daily by all walks of life wanting to come and see what goes on at HQ. 

Jimmy and I meet daily in our glass box and share dreams, iron out creases in the business and brainstorm ideas – he is so inspirational to work with, we make a great team.

Most evenings my husband Tom and I have a wander around Christchurch Quay and usually find ourselves on the terrace of the Boathouse or Captains Club for some yummy olives and a cold glass of something. We are due our first baby in a matter of weeks so we are getting very excited talking about the arrival of our new little lady.

Tom and I love to travel and we really enjoy Palma, Mallorca, as it’s super easy to get to from our local airport in Bournemouth. In fact, that is the home of my mussel shell! I had a bowl of mussels there about a year ago, at my favourite restaurant in the world, Casa Mia in Palma. It’s an Italian family run business and the food is the best I have ever tasted. The cocktails are off the scale too. I wrapped up a few of the shells and bought them home and gave them to Gem.  A matter of weeks later, Gem presented me with this belter of a mussel shell – she is so clever and I love her style in jewellery design.

I’ve got a beautiful gold bee from Gem too – that’s another story!
Suze xxx

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