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Gem Freeman Jewellery attended the Dorset Venus Awards on the 2nd November 2017 to raise awareness of girls missing out on their education due to their menstrual cycle. The Venus Awards was the perfect platform to talk periods and the opportunity to communicate to local men and women in the Dorset and Hampshire community.

Gem’s Speech:

Standing up here and talking periods is something I never thought I’d have the courage to do but learning of the extreme difficulties girls and women in East Africa face for four to six days a month due to the most natural part of being a woman has shocked me and made me realise how fortunate we are.

Every month I still, at 38, in the western world find my period at the very least an inconvenience. The girls in Nyamache Seed of Hope stop their day to day life and are housebound.

They have very little access to sanitary towels and this results in them missing on average 4 days of school per month equating to 20% of the school year.

The subject is taboo at home and scarcely talked about, thankfully at Seed of Hope, education in personal hygiene is very high the agenda which enables the young girls to be prepared which is much more than most girls can expect in such rural areas.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who exploit the girls with a promise to buy them sanitary towels in exchange for sex. This of course results in pregnancy, disease, stress, sadness and life-threatening consequences to the girls, all because they were promised a sanitary pad.

Funding is needed to get sanitary towels directly to the school. You may be aware that it’s documented their government have supposedly tried to supply institutions of learning, but the system is riddled with corruption such that it doesn’t reach the girls. They do not receive the information or sanitary protection it promised to bring.

This is why I became involved. I here this evening to ask you to join me in donating £1 per month in recognition of their plight and to take some positive action to make a difference.

By donating this small amount, you will be keeping a girl in school, who otherwise would be compromising her life, safety and education through none other than the natural rhythm of a women’s life.

Supporting continuing education is fundamental to the Boo charity and it’s a deep-seated belief for me that the girls should not miss out on their education due to their period. Period.

To find out more about donating please go to where you can click on the link ‘become a friend’ then click the second link ‘Help keep our Kenyan girls at school all month’

Simply fill out your name and email address and we will get back to you with information on starting a standing order for £1 per month.

Gem Freeman Jewellery proudly supports Boo which gives opportunity, not charity to young people in Kenya who are disadvantaged through economical poverty.

Boo is a virtual, internet based, low running cost charity. They have no processes that incur unnecessary costs, as this would divert money away from the children who need it most. They believe in rewarding their supporters with openness and transparency in respect of all their processes, operations and administration costs.



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